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Inspiring each student to reach the pinnacle of their True-Self, a profound legacy towards humanity!


To serve our Vision, by elevating each human potential through musical training.

Piano Lessons = Better Mind → Better Attitude → Better Action → Better YOU → Better World!

Hi, welcome!

Sounding Board Academy is an online (virtual) & onsite (in person) piano school. We're looking for willing-participants to embark upon an exciting Human Development endeavour. Are you the one?

Discover the easiest and fastest ways to level up your piano playing skills. With our proven methods & Doctor jOSHUA GAN's 45 years of teaching experience, you can propel & progress at least 3 times faster than the regular students. We teach all ages, all levels & all styles. We teach playing by ear, as well as conventional note-reading methods. 100% of our students scored "First Class Honours" & "First Class Honours with Distinction" in The Royal Conservatory of Music examination ( )

Perfection is boring! Hence we strive for incomplete perfection, where improvement is an infinite journey of the life time. With small steps & bite-size pieces, our students logically advance exponentially in a short time period..

Most importantly, we're tons-of-fun, relaxed, hip, relatable, engaging, constructively spontaneous & effective!

Learning while having fun!

During the COViD-19 pandemic, our piano students practiced piano online almost daily. In spite of "social-distancing," student-teacher bonding has never been stronger by technology! Calmness & focus are bestowed upon them. If your kids play piano, they have plenty to do! A fun way to learn piano and enhance attention and creativity.

Playing Piano is A Family Affair...

One Piano, Many Participants!

Through Neuro-plasticity, we're enhancing & awakening the "EiNSTEiN" portion of our students' brain. By default, their “FRANKENSTEiN” brain is subdued. The parents can't be happier! You're welcome to contact them upon request.


It's all about the Brain!
Do you have a musically-scripted Brain Power?

Buyers beware!!! Don't be contaminated & damaged by BAD teachings.

We have extensive experiences with online teachings and currently conducting online practice sessions with piano students worldwide. We teach locally in Winnipeg, as well as regionally throughout Canada, United States & Mexico. As the momentum of globalization is inevitable, our goal is to scale up Sounding Board Academy at the international level.

Doctor jOSHUA GAN is currently an online mentor for the Graduate Piano Pedagogy program at Northwestern University, Illinois, United States. This has presented Sounding Board Academy with a high calibre opportunity to interact with university students worldwide.

It is exciting that Sounding Board Academy, in collaboration with Northwestern University will be presenting a remote-seminar on "Online Piano Teaching" at UiTM (Universiti Teknologi Mara), Malaysia.


Anything sophisticated is nothing more than a combination of many simple steps. We'll help you break down the process.

Tap into your secret desire of playing piano now!

FUN FACT: A Quiz about Albert Einstein

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2 EiNSTiEN.png
3 EiNSTiEN.jpg

Let's Get Started!


$5 First Month Online Piano Lessons

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